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Augmented Reality a Go-Go

If you don't already know this, Augmented reality is the way of the future.  This video explores the ups and downs of where our world is heading when augmented reality becomes a standard part of perception.

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The art of looking sideways

The author of an amazing recommended book talks about his book.

Light Patterns projected onto folder paper.

I love the way through simple cinematography you can achieve a sense of animation and movement.  If anyone is interested I could bring in a small portable projector and we could experiment creating textures like this.

If you haven't already seen this you should watch it ASAP.

This is the future, believe me it is, HTML5 music video, part watch, part interact, all coolness and very future oriented.

This only works in Safari or Google Chrome.

I was actually going to use this as my inspiration video of the week. It's a pretty interesting concept that also shows where technology could take us

Another amazing experiment in social collective creation.

Have people shoot stuff all on the same day, all around the world.

Anxious to see the final feature cut down, but this could be quite amazing.

Here is an amazing documentary on the making of one of my favorite music videos ever for NIN.  What I love about this film, is it was all done in camera.

Fantastic haunting visuals stolen from many other creators - as brought up in the chain reaction video I posted in the must see videos.

Here is another making of video for another Mark Romanek video.  Not a particular fan of this video but the process is very interesting.

One of the most amazing scenes in Matthew Barney's Cremaster Series

If you haven't seen this series of art films keep your eye out. 

This dude is married to Bjork and makes the most expensive insane art films the world has ever seen.  They all deal with a very strange subject matter, the muscle that raises and lowers the testicles.

If someone can make a series of films about that then anything is possible.

Magnetic Properties

Theater Transformation

Artificial Paradise

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