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As cheezy as it is, Zack Snyder's style especially in 300 is one of my biggest influences as a visual filmmaker.  I love how he uses filters and coloring.  I think, at the time 300 was super original in it's very golden-ish mythic look. I am also nuts about slo-mo lately.  Dave Chappelle was absolutely right when he said, "Everything looks better in slow motion".  Loved how that was incorporated in the video that Phil posted as well.

...on a random note, check out this blog for some crazy graphic design stuff that I love:

...I also post a bunch of music and video material @

cheggit out if you like.


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That blog is awesome, lots of very interesting work.

Not sure if you have seen the trailer for Zack's latest film Sucker Punch, here it is.

No doubt that 300 was an influential movie in history, as I mentioned in the creativity piece, I hope you move beyond what you experience and evolve it in your own organic way.

Awesome concept, and such an easy thing to shoot.  Reminds me of Spike Jonze's  "Drop" vid by the Pharcyde.

Here's the Le Tigre vid I was talking about.  yeee.

This is all made with tape... dayuuummm.  Street artist: Buffdiss

Very cool use of unique materials.  Imagine if you made an after effects project using only rectangles, you could achieve a similar look.

No words needed.

Seriously, I can't get over the slowmotion!  Beautiful sound paired with beautiful image, a masterpiece.

really very powerful. I think even if it wasn't in slow motion, it would look good. but definitely that much better when you can see ever single moment.

also, i have never seen anyone capture a snowflake on camera. unbelievable

Hey Mike, here's that project I was working on for my internship that I told you I was working on in class Tuesday night.

Lee Citron's new film.  I love it.

Here's my latest music video I just shot.  Finished today.  Hope you enjoy.

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