Inspiration: Vince Patin

I love the simplicity of this story and its ability to draw the audience in


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Great storytelling, excellent find!

These two videos are also great examples of simple story. The narration takes the audience into this world and let the viewer take another look at everyday things. Also I love the use of animation and stills throughout the entire series

Stylistically very cool. 

Love the mixed media approach with the degraded film layer.

One of my favorite short animations from one of my favorite animators Frederic Back. This is a masterpiece in my opinion.

A music video from an indie band Audigraffitti. I really like the simplicity of the music video and the slow racks back and forth at times going soft. Also I like how they the other members of the band enter frames. Plus it's also pretty cool knowing that a good friend of mine directed this and I was fortunate enough to work on it.

The point of these exercises, really all of them is to get you to actually engage with the world around you.  If you feel like of everything there is to consume in the universe that these are the videos you want to share with all of us then that is great.  I think if that is true your universe is tiny and you need to break free of the imaginary boundary that separates you from truly inspiring insanely creative content.  Content that is being created every day on a scale that is undigestible.   

What I mean to say is that there is so much insane work being produced in so many different fields of art and culture that its IMPOSSIBLE to digest it all.  So you need to find some good filters that can feed you the kind of stuff you like.  I find it very hard to believe of all the music videos created in the past year this one is the most inspiring to share, I think it was easy to share and thats why you did it.

If you want to continue to live in your tiny universe then continue, but I guarantee you will never achieve a level of brilliance that you deserve to if you accept what is.

I recommend you try to find at least 20 sites that can fill you with creative inspiration and list them here.  Then and only then can we even start to have a discussion of how hard you are trying to achieve success with these exercises.

If a video inspires you to go half way around the world and immerse yourself in a forgotten part of the world that people of that country are afraid to go to, I think that message has been recieved and truly inspired someone. Even a simplistic video in one's opinion has had and can have a profound effect on another's life. That's exactly what some of these things have shown me, the beauty and the power of even the simplest stories. After all it is story that matters. Some of these have moved me so much I was able to start my own non-profit, create a project, and spend a month in India living out its message. However, I must agree that this past post isn't the most visually explosive, but still it has inspired me stylistically in other aspects of my life.

Here are also sites I visit on the occasion: <---although often it can be crap <--a close friend of mine and star of my past documentary <---another friend of mine <-- a grafitti artist friend of mine from Argentina I met in Berlin <---not an actual site, but rather page. However, she is a good friend of mine and often sends me some pics of her art as well <---often just find it amazing what some people can draw <---more of a music discovery place <---albiet I usually actually visit the actual place then the site

Finally ever since I found this very site I've found it inspiring looking at other students post, but also the other content on this website as a whole.

Here is a pretty cool short animation along the lines of Being John Malkovich:

Also I just picked up this book about Street Art featuring art from a bunch of artist all over the world including SickBoy, Pixel Phil, Pez, Microbo, etc. If you are into street art at all this is a pretty cool find:

Moustache Final

This is pretty sweet vid utilizing color

Another short animation. Also reminds me a little of India

The spaghetti westerns have been inspiring for me as I prepare for an upcoming film I'm dping

Last video is a song I really like. I also love the title cards and animations

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