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Exploration #13 - Fonts.

1. Bag

2. No Parking

3. Dirt Devil

4. Restaurant

5. Coming Soon

6. Tron

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Exploration #12

A Walk in My Neighborhood:

Green and Orange Fence
Big Man with Small dog
Uneven pavement
Old Landlady
Old Landlady's Mexican boyfriend
Blue motorcycle
La Cucaracha Car horn
Reflection of myself off cars

Old men gathering
Elementary school
Robot on the table of the middle school
Kids playing
Sex offenders watching
Motorized wheelchairs
More uneven sidewalk concrete
Open intersection
Four-way stop sign

Confused people at four way stop sign
Pet wholesale store
Weird cat/owl/dog icon
Mexicans outside laundermat
Vending machine
Crepe store
Coffee shop
Floyd's Barbershop
Old woman with shopping cart

Post office
Angry people going into post office
Car Horn
La Cucaracha car horn… AGAIN
Light breeze
Open sky
Jewish woman Thrift store
Old tv chest
Nice couch (I want to buy)
Sold sign

Loud Rap Music
Vintage car
Vintage Bike
Bike basket
Bike Store
Motorcycle men running bicycle store
Old Book store
Eccentric man running book store

Exploration #16 - Survey.

Male or Female

Team Edward or Team Jacob

If you had to be any mythical character...

Life of an Artist or the Life of a Scientist

Daily Caffeine intake.

Exploration #15

Purchases in a day:
Yogurt and Granola
Pack of Marlboro Menthol Lights
1.5 Liter Fiji Water
Chicken Tenders
Munchies bag
M.I.A. new album, Maya
Regina Spektor album, Far
Bottle of Smirnoff Vodka

My life revolves around food, music, and booze :)

#18 - Unexplored Corner.

There is this metal box on the floor of my bedroom.  It belongs to my boyfriend.  It bends in with the floor and the shadows that cover it.  It is a fire proof file box.  Inside are anything but files, except they are pieces of history.  Things collected from his parents' past, once their present.  It is rusted on the outside, only a bit, like it was outside only in the early morning, victim to dew but never to rain.  It sits on the floor, never opened by myself and I have only seen him mention it three times.  It sits alone and untouched, as it will for a long time.

#19 - Found "Paint"

Here is my rendition of my first kiss with my current boyfriend :)

Missing 14 and 23.

Then go back and do 1-11 by the end of the semester.

Exploration #24
Listening to Music and Reading

Depending on the genre of each, the quality of one or the other is effected.  If I am doing pleasure reading, I listen to mood music of songs that I am very familiar with so I am not distracted by the words of the song because they have already been ingrained in my memory.  I do my best studying while reading if I listen to music with no lyrics or in a different language.  That way the words on the page do not get confused with the words through the speakers.  It helps me concentrate because I seem to work best when I am focusing on more than one thing at a time.  Music and words are the biggest parts of my life and are so integral in how I perceive the world.  If I had one and not the other, my world would fall apart.

Exploration #26
Daily routine:

Bathroom Door
Shower Door
Shaving Cream
Closet Door
Refrigerator Door
Dish Soap
Car Door
Steering Wheel
Gas Pedals
Volume Knob
Radio Buttons
TV Remote
Wii Remote
Cable Remote

Exploration #28
Blind Observation

I have a lighter in my pocket.  the closer to the center of it it is smoother.  The edges are rounded.  The bottom has a sharper edge and a plastic much rougher.  The center of the rougher plastic there is a circle cut out of it.  The top is made of metal.  A circular metal piece with sharp ridges all around.  Another circle is taken out of the metal on top.  There is a plastic tab that has a ridge on it as well.

Exploration #31
Found Sounds: Alternate #2
Slapping pudding and hitting a glass full with water.  Fruits and vegetables make hollow sounds, especially eggplants.

Exploration #32
World of Magic
I have an orchid.  If you stare at it long enough, your eyes become the color of the orchid: a wonderful purple.  They have this color on their eyes for about a half an hour.  If they lock eyes with anyone, they can persuade them to do anything.

Exploration #34
Interesting Garbage
I always keep old wine bottles.  I take note of their shape and their labels.  My favorite is when the labels are just a little faded, to show that the bottle has seen some things it probably wish it never had.  They are always in my alleyway.

Exploration #35
I always think of a city that has no borders.  And by borders I mean that people have the freedom to walk through walls.  Cars can pass through other cars with no fear of collision.  There would be no negative touch, but only positive.  When people fall in love, they have the same colored light around them.  When people are single, they emit a certain glow.  This way, no one can cheat without the other knowing.  We can walk through lakes and pass over highways, everyone living through the another.

Exploration #36
The truth about inanimate objects
On my table I have a marble sculpture of an owl.  When me and my boyfriend leave the cigarettes on the table, he goes out and smokes on.  The burned CDs join him, but the blank ones remain lifeless.  After the smoke, the CDs sing the songs burned on their core and the owl finds a book in my room.  His favorite book is about a child who can hear the thoughts of other books.

Exploration #37
Time Observation
Each song that plays is roughly three minutes.
Each episode of Heroes that plays is roughly forty minutes
Each shift that comes in is two hours.

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