Forum Thread: Explore - Kyle dePinna

Exercise 1

  1. The sound of my bathroom fan still on.
  2. The stain on my sweats
  3. The sticky spot on my desk... I should probably clean that up.
  4. My phone died.
  5. Airplane
  6. I need to cut my toenails.
  7. My Justice League of America folder has Hawkman on it.  Hawkman's funny looking.
  8. My tropical scented candle.  What is that supposed to smell like?
  9. I'm out of gum
  10. The soundproofing on my walls aren't perfectly lined up.

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How about its due.

What these exercises are to get you to realize is Inspiration doesn't just happen, its created.  There is nothing magical about inspiration, you have to engage with the world for it to happen.  

Exercise 2:

Friday Sept 17 - I was DJing at the After Sunset concert at LMU.  Early on, there weren't a ton of people there, so I wasn't trying to play as intense of a set as I normally would.  This also gave me more time to look around and notice what was going on with this exercise in mind.  The thing I thought was the most funny was the oxygen bar in the back right corner.  It's not like I haven't heard of one before, but actually seeing people... how do you say it... taking oxygen... is hilarious.  First off, it looked like a group of 25 people all hooked up to IVs in the hospital since the way it's breathed in is through nasal tubes.  Second, everyone is just standing there breathing and looking around all bewildered like they're expecting some crazy high to hit them.  I decided to try it for a bit later on just to see what the hype was all about.  Wow, what a joke.  

Saturday Sept 18 - Once again, I was DJing, but this time it was at a pool party on the rooftop of the Standard Downtown.  This was the last pool party of the summer for the company that put it on for the past couple months, and the day before the party, they decided to add a special guest headliner.  It was this girl named Chanel who is the secretary on Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory (show on MTV).  Now, I'm not going to go on and complain about how ridiculous it was that a blonde diva from Hollywood got to headline a show because she thinks she wants to be the next Weezy, but what I did have a wild time observing was the type of crowd that came to the party because her name was on the bill.  I love people watching, and the pool parties (or any club in downtown or Hollywood) has the best assortment of hipsters and scenesters ever.  My favorite on this particular day, though, was a black dude wearing all blank white clothes, some throwback hi-top Nike boots, sunglasses from 2040, and a chain connected to a toy plane about the size of a grapefruit hanging off his neck.  Whaaaat?  I wish I would have asked him why he was wearing a plane, but I don't even know if he would have had an answer for that.  Just another day in the Hollywood life. Yikes.

Exercise 3:

  • Plastic miniDV case - Transparent
  • Red Rubber cap - Rich Glow
  • Orange Screwdriver - Translucent
  • Super Mario 3 Nintendo game - Matte
  • Zelda Nintendo Game - Holographic
  • Coffee thermos - Metallic
  • DVD - Radiant
  • Blue wire - Sparkly
  • Paintbrush - Glossy
  • Spray Bottle - Milky
  • Rusty Metal Clip - Blotched
  • CD case - Refracted
  • HDcam case - Smooth and Uniform

Exploration 4 & 5:

On my walk from my car to my work-study job on campus today, I collected some objects that I passed by.  There weren't very many unnatural things around which made me realize how friggin well kept LMU's campus is.  I found some listing tear-out tabs, an awesome LA Weekly cover featuring JD Samson of Le Tigre on her new band MEN (see my inspiration forum).  And yes, I said her. The most interesting part of my exploration, however was that out of all the artifical objects that I found on my way that were actually out of place (i.e. litter), three were candy wrappers.  One was a Rice Krispy Treat, one was a Peanut M&M's bag, and the last one was a Milano cookie wrapper.  So in the spirit of the coincidence, I have decided to start a candy wrapper collection for Exercise 5.

Exercise 6:

Picture coming soon.

I finally just brought down my favorite toy collection from when I was a little kid.  My mom never threw them out, and I'm really glad she didn't because ever since I've added them to my room down here at school it's made me feel a little more at home.  The toys I'm referring to are these action figures that I used to collect called "Gundams" from this Japanese Anime cartoon that I always used to love called "Gundam Wing".  Everyone always says, "I like your transformers" when they see them.  I appreciate the compliments, but transformers were boy-scouts compared to these puppies.  I'm a nerd.  I know.

PS - I forgot to mention that I still have all my old Pokemon cards.  Every one except for Alakazam.  Anyone wanna trade? haha.

Explore 7:

So for exploration #7, I did something a bit different.  I filled out a 4 x 6 grid of rectangles on illustrator, and then had my girlfriend sit down and randomly fill each one with a different color that she liked.  I then came back to it and wrote the first thing that each one made me think about.

Skipping over Exercise 8 for now.

Exercise 9:

Miniature Museum

  • Major Lazer Pin
  • Sewing Needle
  • Mini Rubber band
  • Mini Safety Pin
  • Push Pin
  • Earing
  • Button
  • Mini Knight
  • Skerrit Bwoy Pin
  • Mini Wingnut

Great job, love the way you modified the color project in a very creative way.

Explore 10:

I picked a robot toy that I found at my job.  He sits next to a Santa stuffed animal, a snowman stuffed animal, and a toy skull... weird.  He looks like a toy out of a happy meal from some fast food resturaunt.  I like it, but the whole brain in a robotic body thing isn't as cool as that bad guy from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...

Or Evil Con Carne...

But I still like him.

The toy's fun.  The orange button on the front pumps air into the helmet so his head spins around.  I wonder how he grew eyes and a mouth on his brain in the first place...  The water's only filled halfway up the helmet now.  I wonder if it was always like that, or its just so old that half of the water somehow evaporated.  He has a whole bunch of tubes on the back of his helmet that connect to a backpack on his body.  There are screws on the back of his shoulders.  I could probably take him apart if I unscrewed them.  Looks like he has a voicebox above his orange button.  His suit is bolted right down the middle of his pelvic area, cuz he obviously doesn't need to go to the bathroom anymore.  The bottom soles of his feet are red.  Looks like they may have been painted by someone.  Under his right foot it says "MFG For McD Corp.  China TCB Chine".  And under his left foot it says, "Copyright 2003 Toy Quest".  I guess it was a McDonalds Happy Meal toy made in China.  Surprise surprise.

Explore 11:

I decided to keep a couple of the leaves that I collected in project 4, and explore the differences in them.

  1. Top one is bristly on the ends
  2. Left top is Brown, dead, hard.
  3. The bottom left is the coolest looking.  Yellow and Green all mixed up.
  4. Top right is the most resiliant, the thickest.
  5. Two bottom middle ones are long and skinny.
  6. However the skinniest one on the bottom is very tough.
  7. The other one is weak and flimsy.
  8. The bottom right has the longest stem
  9. The top right doesn't even have a stem
  10. The yellow one has a hole in the center
  11. Four of them have very obvious veins
  12. The other four have veins that are hard to see
  13. The bottom right leaf looks like a leaf that someone would draw
  14. I think I pulled that one off a rose bush
  15. I pulled the top right one off a high tree
  16. All the others, I found on the ground
  17. All are pretty symmetrical except for the yellow and left-middle-bottom leaf
  18. All the leaves end in a point
  19. Not all start in a point
  20. I feel like the top right and bottom left take up the most surface area

those leaves look familiar!

Explore 11:

My trip back home from the Fashion District with my girlfriend Meagan.

  1. Wholesale store called "Holesale"
  2. 7up in cupholder
  3. 108 degrees
  4. License plate in front of me is 6LSR742
  5. Herbalife truck
  6. Black dude belting notes in a car
  7. Apartment complex near USC says "Walk to class!"
  8. Jaguar car logo looks like Puma logo
  9. Carpool lane feels nice
  10. Motorcyclists between lanes suck
  11. Line of five planes in the sky
  12. Cross sign off highway looks like it floats in the air
  13. An Oregon license plate
  14. Another Oregon license plate
  15. Meagan has "Gunmetal" colored nail polish
  16. My hands are peeling
  17. 93.5 KDAY Ads
  18. Sun setting as we change highways
  19. Its not smoggy at all today
  20. I can't stop coughing
  21. My nose keeps running
  22. Alot of traffic on the oncoming lane
  23. Passing an LMU alum while driving with an LMU alum
  24. The 105 is empty for it being 6:30
  25. Eastbound and Down Season 2!
  26. What is
  27. FedEx planes to my right
  28. LAX is massive
  29. Airbag warning on the flip down panel in front of me
  30. LA Philharmonic posters make conductor look crazy.
  31. Yello Lambo
  32. In N Out sounds bomb
  33. Photographers posted taking pictures of planes coming in
  34. Haven't seen one bird or animal
  35. Back roads
  36. Sofa in the middle of the road
  37. Just saw a dog, scratch 34
  38. Fallen lamp post
  39. Little Kid on bike with BMX helmet
  40. Guy on a highlighter bike
  41. Family running together
  42. License plate that says "Keep it Hawaiian"
  43. A bunch of people BBQing
  44. I'm home
  45. My neighbor has a ton of plants in her apartment
  46. I hear a plane flying by... surprise, surprise
  47. Pinatas in the back of the car
  48. Meagan's car is squealing for no reason
  49. Burts Bees chapstick all melted because it's so hot
  50. If I want to write more legibly, I should slow down.

Explore 13:

I love graffitti, and although it's often almost impossible to read, I would still consider it lettering just like anything else.  I was out in Venice with my buddy Raul the other day, and we took a bunch of pictures of some of the stuff I really liked.

Exploration 14 coming soon

Explore 15:

What did I consume today?

  1. 20oz cup of AM/PM coffee
  2. Steak Burrito from the Lair
  3. 3 White Chocolate Macadamia nut cookies
  4. Water
  5. 2 Red, 1 White, 3 Yellow, 1 Green Gummy Bears
  6. A Vanilla Tootsie Roll
  7. A red Tootsie Pop
  8. A red Apple
  9. Some 7UP
  10. Nachos for dinner
  11. Vitamins
  12. 2 cups of Orange Juice
  13. 1 beer
  14. Nyquil

Explore 16:


  1. How many hours are you on your computer every day?
  2. Facebook?
  3. Twitter? Average tweets?
  4. How much do you listen to music every day?
  5. Watch TV?

Subject 1

  1. 8 hours
  2. 2 hours
  3. N/A
  4. 3 hours
  5. 2.5 hours

Subject 2

  1. 5.5 hours
  2. 2 hours
  3. N/A
  4. 1 hour
  5. 1.5 hours

Subject 3

  1. 5 hours
  2. 30 min
  3. N/A
  4. 4 hours
  5. 30 min

Subject 4

  1. 9 hours
  2. 2 hours
  3. 2 hours, 4 tweets
  4. 8 hours
  5. N/A

Subject 5

  1. 3 hours
  2. 1 hour
  3. 30 min, 1 tweet
  4. 5 hours
  5. 3 hours

Verrrrrrrry Interesting...

Explore 14:

Sounds I hear sitting in the editing suite in the basement of the film school:

The air conditioner, my typing, my coughing, my sniffling, my breathing, muffled voices, bass from a room down the hall, the elevator gears shutting on and off periodically, thuds from above, the creaking of my chair, the sound of a thin piece of metal vibrating in the air conditioner

Explore 17:

I made a pyramid of all my pinatas I've been collecting for my film.

Explore 18:

Underneath my girlfriend's Kitchen sink:

There are all the usuals including 409, Cascade, dishwashing soap, sponges, rubber gloves, kitchen bags, and of course a trash can.  There is also a box of disposable latex gloves, which is unusual to me.  All the piping from the sink runs down below.  There is a really wide plastic black cylinder which is probably the thing that grinds all the food in the sink.  From there, a gold pipe runs horizontally to a silver vertical one that then continues all the way to the back of the cupboard.  There's all this glue at the back where the pipe runs into the wall that looks like melted marshmallows all smashed together.

Explore 19:

Things in the house that could be used as paint:

Chocolate Syrup



Nail Polish

Cough Syrup

Velveeta Cheese

Laundry Detergent

Tomato Soup



Explore 20:

I am going to take the next five minutes to write nonstop about all the random thoughts that are going through my head.  Honestly, this was the best way that I thought I could go about completing this exercise.  I have way too many thoughts throughout the day to be able to document all of those so something like this works alot better.  I've done this kind of an exercise before and I love doing it because it's weird to just write of a flow of consciousness.  My girlfriend is watching Family Guy, but she just changed it to CSI.  I think it's hilarious how it seems like every time I see part of a CSI episode, it's always a scene where they find some fingerprints on various objects.  This time it was a golf club.  Where is my mind?  I'm completely wiped from the week.  I'm shooting my thesis film on Friday, so that's taking up alot of space in my thoughts right now.  It's my birthday on Thursday.  22.  Not as cool as 21.  It's like the first birthday that doesn't really matter.  I got so many good songs today.  Like 20.  My favorite one that I downloaded was from this artist that I haven't even heard of before.  Searched the name on Google too and couldn't even find him/her/them?  There's this commercial on TV right now about this robot that says different things to you based on what cards you choose to slide into his stomach.  Its for younger kids, but they have this kid that looks like he's definitely over 13 in it.  That doesn't seem right.

Where are the images?  Would be great to see faces of subjects.

Type is all from 1 location.  Where is the diversity.  Type is all around when you pay attention you will see.

Explore 21:

I hope you guys can read this...  Tried to touch the image up to make it as clear as possible.

Explore 23:

I really really liked this artist's style, so I decided that I wanted to uncover his "mystery".  What do these pieces mean?  What is the purpose of his art?

What I found out was that it was actually a team of five guys that made these pieces.  They go by Team Macho, and this is what they have to say about themselves:

"Team Macho is a collaborative illustration and fine art effort composed of Lauchie Reid, Chris Buchan, Nicholas Aoki, Jacob Whibley, and Stephen Appleby-Barr.  They currently occupy a large studio in Toronto, Canada where their joint efforts are divided equally between illustrating for very fine clients and preparing gross quantities of highly imaginative artwork for galleries in Canada and abroad."

So. Cool.

After my findings, I decided that I was going to try and do the same type of thing.  I am going to start an art piece, and then hand it off to my friends who are also artists to eventually come up with a collaborative piece that contains ideas from a number of different creative minds... so stay tuned.  I'll post it up on the inspiration forum once it's done.

Missing Exercise 22 - People Watching.

Explore 25:

Cool H2O

Water comes in every shape and size, and can be found at the lowest parts of the earth, as well as the highest.  This is my exploration of the wide variety of ways in which we can experience it in its different forms.

Explore 22 -

People watching

I'm sitting in the Lions Den.  One thing I instantly notice is how wide a variety of students there are.  I see a big group of seniors hanging out in the corner and some freshmen studying right next to them.  Directly in front of me is an LMU waterpolo player on the phone with his buddy.  He's on his computer, and from the conversation, it sounds like he's having his buddy answer his homework questions for him.  Lower division history.  A girl from my acting class is sitting right in the middle of the room.  She sticks out with her hot pink macbook case, and her pink jacket.  A guy flirting with a girl at the coffee bar.  She's got a Buzz Lightyear backpack... no wonder!

Explore 24:

Compare/Contrast NES games... because they're totally vintage and I love them.

More Explore 27:

I found this as pictured (I didn't do anything to it) inside my desk drawer at work.  Awesome.


Explore 28:

I'm feeling my iPod inside my pocket.

It's making me realize how genius Apple is.  It's a pretty sleek design.  Very smooth, and very simple.  One circular dial with a big circle button in the middle, a lock switch on the bottom, a screen, and a couple of holes for sound and power just about covers the entire list of features.  I was imagining this exercise as an exploration of what it would be like to experience the world as if you were blind.  I was thinking that (once they got past the actual uploading of the music) it wouldn't be very difficult for a blind person to use an iPod with ease.

Explore 29:

I had both my roommate and my friend participate in this touch exercise.  Surprisingly, they both missed the rice and the gum wrapper, but pretty much got everything else.  My roommate thought the rice were Nerds and thought the wrapper was a receipt.  My other friend had no idea what the rice was, and he said the gum wrapper was just a piece of paper.  I guess he's kinda right... I mean I don't know how they would pick up on the gum wrapper without looking at it anyway.  Other than that, they did really well at guessing everything, I was impressed.

Explore 30:

This is a tiki mask that I bought in Costa Rica last Christmas.  My grandparents took us on a cruise over Christmas break through the Panama canal and other surrounding countries, and Costa Rica was one of the stops.  We obviously spent alot of time shopping while on the cruise (who doesn't), but out of what seemed like a thousand vendors at all the different ports we stopped at, I never really found anything that I really liked.  This mask was one of the only things that I ended up buying.  I think it's one of the coolest looking things ever, and it kind of represents my personality pretty well.

Explore 35:

Even though I did this for my internship, I think it works really well for this exploration.  Lemme know if you guys like it!

Explore 32:

My magical "Remedy Shades"

Got these at a Little Boots concert.  They're awesome.  The picture doesn't do it justice, but when you put them on, the color lines on everything are seperated and rainbows appear everywhere.  There is nothing more magical than adding these to your get up at any concert you ever go to.

Explore 36:

This is our Buddha, the biggest and jolliest out of the 30 we have in our apartment.  He is the guardian of the kitchen.  Perched on top of the refrigerator, his biggest task is to guard the alcohol from thieves, especially all the other inhabitants of our household trying to get drunk when my roommate or myself isn't around.  In return for the favor, while we're away he enjoys some quality bonding time with Mr. Carlo Rossi.  That's why he's always so enlightened and jolly.  He's a nice guy though, and he gives our kitchen good luck, so we keep him around.  Drunken Guardian Buddha.

Explore 34:

Cool Trash.

I don't have these in my house, but I wish I did.  All the trash in my house is pretty gross and I really don't want to touch it.  These make trash look pretty glamorous though.  Cool.

via bumbumbum

Explore 37:

Measuring time.

I'm currently sitting in my room at my desk.  One of my buddy's is practicing his DJing on my decks.  I'm supposed to come up with a different way of measuring time by sitting right where I am.  I'm going to start measuring the passing of time by the songs he plays.  Right now it's 21 Questions o'clock.  And now for some reason I can't make this un-italic.  So I guess I'll also measure time by the amount that it takes until this text becomes normal again. I don't really know what else to say, and I don't think these italics are gonna stop.  Ooh, it's California Love o'clock now.  Wuddup Pac?

Explore 39:

Tonight I made one of my favs: Rice-a-Roni

The flavor was Fried Rice, and I decided to go out on a limb because of this exploration.  I added some chicken and egg into the mix.  First I poured the rice in with two tablespoons of butter.  I sauteed until the rice was brown.  At the same time, I defrosted a frozen chicken breast.  When the rice was nice and golden, I added 2 cups of water and the special seasoning.  I then took the defrosted chicken and cut it into thin, bite-size pieces.  I poured the chicken into the mix as well, and let it all get to boiling.  Once it hit a boil, I covered the pot and turned the heat to low to let the rice soak up the water.  I got two eggs and mixed them up until they were blended pretty evenly.  After about 15 minutes, I uncovered the pot, poured the eggs over the mix, and mixed it all up.  I cooked it a little longer on medium heat to let the eggs settle in, and then it was done.  I shared it with my roommate and we ate it all before I even read this exploration.  Hence, the lack of picture.

Explore 40:

Ma Blueblockaz.

I have a pair of BlueBlockers.  If you don't already know, they are these special orange colored sunglasses that change the color spectrum a bit when you wear them.  They don't really "Block Blue" but they do make it a little less intense so that the sky isn't as harsh on the eyes.  The best part about them though, is that they add a vibrant tone to everything else, and make the world look so much more saturated and pretty.  Greens are way greener too.  So whenever I drive past a park, I always end up wondering how they maintained it so well that the trees and grass could stay so green.  Then I take off my magic shades, and I realize that I'm seeing a bit of an altered reality.

Explore 41:

Found Faces

"The Bored Monk"

"The Panda"

"The Evil Weasel"


Explore 43:

I found a magazine in the trash, and cut out my two favorite pictures from it.  They work well together.

Explore 38:

Went to Ralphs on Lincoln to buy some bread.  For the exercise, I decided to write down every beer they carried, and mark which ones I've had...

* = I've had it before

  • Odouls
  • Buckler
  • Pabst*
  • Bud/light/Ice/wheat/Select*
  • Natural Ice/light*
  • Keystone light*
  • Miller/lite/chill*
  • Busche*
  • Shiner*
  • Landshark
  • Michelob Ultra
  • Widmer Heff/Drifter/Brother's Best*
  • Shock Top*
  • Coors/Light*
  • Pyramid*
  • Tap Room*
  • Sierra Nevada*
  • Fat Tire*
  • Rolling Rock*
  • Sam Adams*
  • Firestone
  • Tecate*
  • Red Stripe*
  • Blue Moon*
  • XX*
  • Stella Artois*
  • Sapporo*
  • Caguama/light/special*
  • Modelo/Negra*
  • Fosters*
  • Newcastle*
  • Heinecken*
  • Corona/light*
  • Pacifico*
  • Harp
  • Guiness*
  • Bass*
  • Amstel/light*
  • Boddingtons*
  • Becks*
  • Hollande
  • Pilsner Urquell
  • Grolsh*

Explore 40:

For this exercise on altering my experience, I decided to keep my mouth open as long as possible.  Its really weird, don't know how I thought of it, but it's made me realize a bunch of things.  First, we produce a ton of saliva, and when mouth is dry it produces even faster.  I've been having to swallow like every 30 seconds now since I started this.  Second, our mouth dries up uber fast when we keep it open.  Go figure.  My lips were the first to dry up, then my cheeks, now my tongues getting there, but I'm gonna stop before this gets uncomfortable.  So I guess the last discovery is that I can do it successfully for about 7 minutes.  Lame.

Explore 42:

I asked my friend to describe my room to me.

Kyle's room reminds me of a place where work and play collide into one sufficient space. Located in the center of his room a Portuguese flag hangs from the ceiling over the bottom of the bed. Posters of various different arts collide to provide a fine eye candy if you are to sit in the room for a long enough time to gander at them. From monopoly themed shoes to vintage spiderman posters show the amount of influence that go into his daily life. A large closet on one side of the room seems to hold anything from soccer balls to dj equipment and his whole clothing collection. There also is a desk that has his computer, printer, and studio reference monitors where i assume he spends the majority of his time at home. Overall a very cozy vibe that has been instilled into this not so fancy apartment. 

Explore 44:

I went to the library earlier to gather some materials for this exploration, and I found something even better.  I was looking in the art section of the main stacks with all these fat art books, and in one of the books I had grabbed form the shelf, I found these sketches!  Thought they were absolutely radical.

Explore 45:


·      As I read the exploration, I leaned over my desk with my right arm and rested my head on my palm.  Scratched my head while I read and thought.


·      I always touch my top lip to my nose…

·      I've heard it from other people, but I always look at my fingers because they're pretty abnormally long.


·      I noticed that I always rub my eyes with my fist closed and my thumbs inside my fingers.


·      I hunch over way too much

·      Whenever I watch tv for a long time, I find myself looking way up just to see the screen because my face is angled so far down.  I don't know why I do this, and apparently I have perfect vision, so I'm not sure what it means.


·      It's very very rare that I ever wake up in the morning without pressing my snooze button at least twice

·      …and even more rare that I don't have a cup of coffee


·      I would venture to say that about 75% of the time when I drive, I do it with my right hand at the top of the wheel, while sitting back and leaning on my left against the driver side door.  I guess I'm not the safest driver on the block.

Explore 49:

Ecdysiast: A striptease artist.

Porphyrophobia: Fear of the color purple.

Callipygian: Well toned buttocks.

Uxorious: Extremely submissive to one's wife. 

Syzygy: Linear alignment of 3 celestial bodies (the sun, the moon and the earth).

Pilgarlic: A bald head. 

Explore 50:

Around campus there are many different smells that make themselves quite distinct.  Outside the film school it still smells a bit like flowers from all the rose bushes that line the walkway up to the building.  As one approaches the fountains, a faint smell of chlorine, mixed with coffee (from the coffee stand next to it).  Inside foley, it smells like old building.  Once you arrive in the Lair, the big smell is Quiznos, and as you move in between stations, the various other food smells join in.

Explore 51:

Yesterday morning, I woke up to 103.5 playing Christmas music.  The first thing I heard as I awoke, was the radio DJ talking about when Bing Crosby and David Bowie got together to sing The Little Drummer Boy / Peace on Earth collab back in the day.  I was really tired so it took me awhile to get up.  I put on my gym clothes because I had told myself the day before that I would go to the gym that day.  I got to work at TV Engineering a little bit after 9, so I was late, but my boss wasn't even there yet so I was safe.  My card to open it didn't work, so I had to wait until another guy could let me in.  At work I did a huge post on Shifty about the event that I DJ every tuesday night, along with some new music that I put up for download.  I made sure to post it all over social media platforms, and by the time I was done with all of that, it was 1pm and time for me to go.  I went to the lair and bought a chicken salandwich, an odwalla, and some gummiworms.  I had acting class after that, at 2, and didn't do anything the entire class because my scene partner was already gone for thanksgiving break.  After class, I went home because I was too lazy to go straight to the gym.  I worked on my new DJ mix for a bit, and then forced myself to get back to school and do my thing.  I went back, went to the gym, and then hit the editing room in the film school to start work on my new music video that I just shot.  I edited that for 5 or so hours, and then went over to my friend, Mo's house, because she was having a pre-break party.  I hung out there with all my friends for a bit, then drove some peeps home, late night, then went home myself.  I brushed my teeth, and passed out.

Explore 47:

So I traced the outlines of some stains I found around the apartment and then cut them out on different colored pieces of paper, and arranged them in a collage, like the exercise said... made a cool face I guess.

Explore 55:

The other day I went to Costco to get food with a buddy.  When we were waiting in line to order, I decided that I was going to talk to the person in a New York accent and see what happened.  When it came my turn, I put on my best accent and said "Can I get a dog?".  The cashier looked at me all taken aback, and said "I'm sorry?".  I said, "A dog".  The lady said, "OH a dog!", and went to go get it.  Now I know how it feels to be from the Eastcoast and misunderstood.

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