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In the near future I hope to make a movie involving free-running or parkour. It would be an action film where free-runners use their abilities to evade the police. There would (hopefully) be very little need for special effects, especially if i could use real free runners. For certain camera shots after effects would be perfect for green screen work. ANYWAY, this opening chase scene is similar to a chase in my would-be movie

ha. B-movie

don't bother with the car chase at the end

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Parkour was all the rage 5 years ago, so much so it made it into a James Bond movie.  How would you make something that was hip 5 years ago fresh again?  What new twist would you give it that would top District 13, the sequel to that movie District 13: Ultimatum and this bond film.

Remember everything has been done, so there is no worry other then making how you do it fresh to your audience.

Ahh yes these is a pretty sweet chase scene. I was so excited that Sebastian Foucan played the role too, since he is considered a founder in free running. I would have to agree with you: freerunning was popular 5 years ago. However, I still believe it has momentum. It might not be popular but the average person knows little of  parkour. On youtube, and even in feature films involving freerunning, the coverage of the action is horrible-too many quick cuts. I REALLY want to show people that it is'nt just a  series of little stunts but more of a race against oneself. A theme of my film would be the potential of the human body, so i hope to shoot it in such a way that people will want to get up and start working the can jump over buildings!

by the way this is what i am talking about..

I have been in the mood for action movies lately. Matrix is one of my favorites, and the way it was filmed makes for an easy after effects project. This is a good example for something i would like to do in the future.

SKIP TO 1MIN 25 SECONDS on "Hero".

This week I am putting up a few videos for my Inspiration. I really like animation, as well as kung fu / samurai movies and what not. The opening credits for champloo must have used backgrounds with comps on top, right? I am not sure how animation is done, I just really like cartoons. Anyway I aslo enjoy good opening credits that are enjoyable to watch and not simple boring black and white print.

I also wonder if they used after effects in Hero? the leaves definitely aren't all there. And check out the color change.


Some nice stuff.

I did a job for indian television called ananda and did all the flower elements in particular an after effects plug in.  This entire piece below was done in After Effects.

I bought that Mirrors Edge game for the iphone its really cool, thanks for turning me on to it.

Yes I saw the trailer for Into The Void on IMDB a while ago and have wanted to see it. Seems very intense and strange, and has great visual images. 

I am Glad you like Mirrors Edge! I really want to use after effects to do stuff for my

mirrors edge idea. I love this commercial. Good example of one kind of thing I could us AE for.


Thats wire removal, yes can do in AE.

Yes I know it is silly. But this is essentially what I want to do with AE- a lot of 3D tracking in order to make things look like they belong in the film. I want to make it look like people are jumping over deep crevices  when its only a 6 ft drop. Shoot people jumping on green then super impose them on building shots. 

Here is an example. In Bad Boys 2, they bought a $350,000 ferrari, filmed it on the safety of an airfield, then used that footage....anyway. here it is. 


I want to ae jump shots like this. simple, but effective. and if the batman clip were backwards, it would essentially be what i want to do. wire removal, but also 3d mapping to help place them in different enviorments/settings.

I want to do something funny for my final. This is an easy AE job, but shows how the simple moves can be used effectively. I like the quick "cuts" and the jumpiness in the movements of the layers. Goes along with the narration very well.

I want to use comedy to tell my story. Instead of animation/cartoons, I want to use pictures from my past with to create layers of characters to walk through my creative perspective. That is, I will walk through my creative journey. Literally.

mostly simple green screen stuff, but i really like the lights and the simplicity. simple. but effective.

another music video. really funny

is this just a composite of images? whatever it is it is really cool. would make a great background for an opening credit

I'm sure most people have seen this guys wii remote head tracking device, but this is really more practical. At first it doesn't look like this thing has  purpose, so watch it until the end.

and if you havent seen the head tracking then check it out 

Slow motion stuff never gets old. ever. And the brilliance in the simplicity of the water droplet concept is mindblowing. Amazing moments take place that you cannot see because it is happening so fast!

And the major lazer video is funny. I might have to emulate this in the final project, by have a small section where i am in my own "music video", but it is cartoony and imaginative like this. Minus the grotesque sexual move's, of course.

Again, I am sorry about the vulgarity of this major lazer vid.

This is the scene from the Outsiders where Ponyboy remembers the robert frost poem. Soft, romanticized lighting adds a lot to the mood.

This is what I would like the transitions between comps to look like in my final project. it looks extremely complicated, but with careful blurring and opacity changes it looks possible

really cool

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