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#1    crickets chriping, the fan of the computer, the reflection of the lamp on the window, a car alarm goes off outside, the pulse of my heart, the luster of my chair, the wood pannels on the floor, the light eminating off the computer , the simplicity of objects on the desk (camera, phone, pencils), the magazine i use as a mouse pad

#2  Date: Sept 10th Description: Bhatki Fest 2010 Location: Joshua Tree, feeling claustrophibic in the small car, i observe the transition of scenery from Los Angeles to Joshua Tree. Arriving at the festival around 9PM I notice the food booths that resemble a gypsy town. The people can be classified as modern-hippies. music blares from the festival as i approach the main stage. Kirtan music is playing and people are dancing and shouting as they have just discovered the path to Jesus.  

#3 Light Reflecting: crystal clock, plastic covered Vinyl, glass bottle, soon, strainer, class dish, keys, mask, gold ornament, candle , glass figure, glass fish, crystal, sugar holder, glass object, glass ball, crystal rock, glass butterfly, gold and white figure, sparkle jewelry, hat, labordite rock, buddha head, lemon, golf ball, apple, crystal, rock 

Explore - Torie Zalben

#4 Objects on my walk: orchid, flower stem, paint brush, penny, nickel, dried flower petal, pencil, twigs, white rose, bottle cap, paper

Explore - Torie Zalben

#5 collection based on the orchid; flowers and twigs, things found in nature......

Explore - Torie Zalben

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Light reflecting from a CD

Light reflecting from a Crystal

Really awesome.  these reflections are all around us when we pay attention.


The circus moving sculpture brings back memories of going to the circus as a kid.

This painting has been in my room as long as I can remember, it states "end of a perfect day"

This is one of many dolls that adorn my collection, the face and look of this doll specifically remind me of playing in my room with friends.

Exploration #7:

Black-a friend of mine who always wears black

chocolate- a restaurant in New York that serves the most delicious pudding

Lime Green- Key lime pie from Clementine's restaurant

Navy- The color of my cousin's car

Bright Yellow- My friend noah's wardrobe

Purple- reminds me of Victorian royalty

Orange- eating a flinstone push pop as a kid

Red- the movie the 'red balloon'

Hot Pink- Angelene's Corvette

Kelly Green- Grace Kelly wearing a Hermes bag

Light Pink- the color of my Grandma's nails

French Blue- The ocean by the Carlton Hotel in Cannes

the above graffiti and metal adds to the art of this photo. It is as if the cracks lead up to the detailed tags off to the center.

The cracks in the white paint juxtapose the even feel of the cement.

the above pavement is slightly raised on the right and the cracks are less prominent except for the transition of the cement.



I examined a snow globe of New York City. 

On the top half I noticed how shiny the glass was and the reflecting light. I saw how the light reflected on each sparkle which created a pastel-rainbow effect throughout the globe. I noticed how thick the glass was and how looking at the globe from different sides provides a unique perspective of the New York sky line.  I studied the detail of the sculptures inside the globe.

On the bottom half I noticed the solid foundation of dark wood supporting the delicate glass globe.  I studied cracks in the wood and noticed paint chips. I held the globe up and noticed the shiny gold turn which makes the globe play music.  


The differences in these coins:

1- age

2- Shiny vs. Dull

3- color, some have an aged patina while others are spotless

4-how they reflect light- high reflection value - low

5- amount of dirt on each coin- various glumps of dirt on many

6-the heads vs tails of the coins, shiny value and amount of dirt

7-how the coins felt, soft vs. rough

8- how the coins smelt- metallic vs. clean

9-how they sounded when they fell to the floor- some rolled longer before coming to a stop

EXPLORE-Torie Zalben

# 12

A trip to school: Alarm going off, running to hit snooze, getting dressed, noticing how hot it is already (86 degrees) and know its going to be a hot day, rush to the kitchen, pouring milk into brown rice cereal, eating fast and out the door.   running into a neighbor, she is blocking my way to the stairs. she is 96 and moves very slow. she says "hello Torie" i reply & she small talks about the weather and i say adios!  getting in my car, driving to the gate, searching for the opener, and off to school I go.  the sun blinds my eyes. I notice the traffic and turn on the radio.  zoning out as red lights turn into green.  speed up and slow down game of Monday morning traffic.  I get onto Lincoln Blvd and notice how the people in the other cars seem bored and tired,or at least I do!  Driving onto Loyola Blvd not even thinking about searching for a parking spot on campus. I find a spot in the shade by a cute Westchester home.  I park and run to class, already 10 minutes late.  I buy a coffee and walk into my class. I missed a pop quiz and i am sure the teacher marked me as absent!  Hello start of the week :)

#13 Lettering...

This is a font from the digital radio in my car

This is a huge concrete pillar in a downtown parking lot, you have to turn your head to the left to see it properly ;)

This is an elevator capacity sign in the office where I intern (off Bixel and 6th street in downtown LA)

This is a sign right when you enter the elevator (not sure why all the picts are uploading to the side..:()

This is a sign of an old female napkin box by the bathroom at the office I intern at


Sound Map:  I sat in traffic for an hour at 6:15 PM after my internship and heard, A woman talking on her wireless headset while we were both at a red light. She was yelling and it looked like she was crazy.  I heard the roar of my engine, the air conditioning, a bus breaking.  Cars breaking as an ambulance siren goes off..... a kid laughing as its mother pushes her in a shopping cart at the stop walk, a woman speaking Spanish to her child, i noticed that 15 minutes went by and as the sun was going down I heard people walking across the cross walk, busses breaking, cars honking, my phone ringing, talking to my mom, an allert for my dying cell battery, navigating traffic I was able to hear the fast hot wind blowing by the window of my car, the sound of the window being rolled up and the gradual sound of the fast blowing air of the air conditioning, it was then 15 minutes to 7 and i turned on the radio (88.9) I heard some indie band playing a very interesting song, lots of loud noises with drums and piano and some spoken word poetry, The acceleration of my tires as i speed up to make the light that is almost turning red, finally i get home and can feel and hear my car decelerate and come to a stop.  The sound of a loud beep for the front gate and my foot steps as i walk to the door.  Slam. the sound of silence, I am home.


1.smoothie, The Beverly Hills Juice Club off beverly Blvd and La Cinega
2.protein Bar, Cliff Bar from the snack shop at school
3. Aztec salad, very delicious from the Veggie Grill
4. Water, Mountain valley Spring water 1 L bottle
5.Gas, 76 station

I enjoy health food, spring water, having a full tank of gas and trying to stay on a budget!


Explortaion #16:
Male & Female Survey
10 people, 4 male , 5 female

1-How much time spent on facebook?
2-Dream Job?
3-Who plans to get married?
4-Favorite workout activities?
5-Fear of death and the unknown

Time on Facebook:
More than 5 hours a week on Facebook 6( 4 male, 2 female)
Less ' '....4(2 male, 2 female)

Dream Job:
Writer 2(male)
Actor 1(female)
Producer 2(1, male, 1 female)
Cinematographer(1, male)
Artist (2, Females)
Businessman/woman (1, female)
Musician (1,male)

Yes (5- 2 male, 3 female)
No(5- 3 female, 2 male)

elyptical 3(females)
hiking 4(2 male, 2females)
boxing 1(male)
running 1(female)
swimming 0
yoga 1( female)

Fear of death/unknown
Yes-6 (4 male, 2 female)
No- 4( 3 male, 1 female)

Explore #17 

I made a sculpture using a plastic cup, straw, safety pin, bottle cap, and a starbucks gum in all in a cup holder while driving in traffic......

#18....Kitchen sink at an office.....

#19 paint....

soy sauce, mustard, green tea, hot sauce....


Small thoughts: I am excited for my birthday. It doesnt even feel like my birthday.  Will my friends even remember?? I would love to get a new camera and start making cool videos.  I need to write more.  Where has my inspiration gone?? possibly I will visit a museum soon.  Nothing has been catching my eye lately...People inspire me but how can i caputre a personality through a creative medium....I have to call my mom, totally forgot to call her back....will it rain harder today? I wonder how long it will take for my omlete to arrive at the table, I am not even really hungry.  I don't even remember what is in it.  I want to sleep in today. Hello Monday! another week of school, internship, early morning gym workouts, driving, phone calls, homework etc.   I would like to hop on a plane and be in a cool tropical setting just relaxing.   Not practical but someone can dream.   

#21 my favorite street.. Delongpre and Harper in West Hollywood...

I love the old hollywood feel, the cool trees, the vintage architecture...


people watching...

I was sitting at  Urth Cafe on melrose and had a man on my right and a woman sitting on my left and a couple in front of me.  the man was messing around with his ipad, the woman was reading a bok and nibbling on a muffin the couple was talking really loud, the wife drank a coffee and the husband ate an omlete.... The single lady to my left wore a cool pair of jeans with lots of sparkles on them and beads. The man to my right was dressed in all black and very casual. The couple on the other hand was very formal and looked like they might be going to work after. I tried not to make it obvious that I was observing them but the woman kept making eye contact with me and I just looked the other way. The man kept staring off into space on my right so it was easy to oberve for the couple, they were engaged in loud converstion, so it was fun to watch them.....


1. The mystery of 2012 also known as the 'end of the world' interests me.

2. There is extensive research online from a variety of sources such as, phenomenon,  stating that this particular year is the end of a cycle in the Mayan calendar. Other sources state that this year is an awakening and marks a new age on Earth, .   There is information for and against having this date 2012, be the end or the beginning of a cycle on Earth.  

3. Several scholars have lead me to believe that it is in fact an awakening on earth, Bill Douglas describes this in his book, 2012: The Awakening., video posted below....

4. To get involved one can attend a school, The Toltec Mystery School which teaches students about 2012....

5. pictures of 2012.....

Explore #24-Confined Nature Vs. Wild Nature


water+ concrete=

Shapes made by water drying on concrete....


Accidental Art- broken car visor+ duck tape!


Objects in my pockets:

iPhone:  smooth, metallic, technical

lip gloss: thin, round, plastic. 

Money; fragile, paper, fabric-like,old.   

Coins: soild, dirty, round, bumpy.   

#29- Tactile Boards

Towel, Lace, Flannel, Sheep.......

#30.... Travels

These items were collected on a trip to Venice, Italy.  The purple glass ball was from a small shop that made special class from a town called Murano.  The fish as well was a Murano glass, found in a small shop just off the canals.  The picture was taken with my grandparents, uncle, cousin and aunt in St. Marcos square with the famous pigeons, lastly, the mask is a handmade venetian mask found in a specialty mask store in the heart of Venice. 

#31.......FOUND SOUNDS

Field Trip to the Famous Sunset Strip:

1. Cars driving by

2. foreign voices of tourists

3. doors opening and closing of shops 

4. foot steps 

5. rock music 

6. police sirens


World of Magic:

Magic amber, when carried with you wards off bad luck......

Magic Goddess Amma, when though of or looked at your life will flourish.....

Magic Bird, when you see this bird near you, it means all of your dreams will come true.....



Rocks from the garden....! H20... item!



Interesting Garbage from my room......

A lemon that I bought that feels rotten, "when in doubt, throw it out..."

A cup from coffee bean and tea leaf, used to contain mint tea!! it was so delicious

Flower petals from my Bouganvilla plant and flowers from Whole Foods....

Water .......

The best lemonade ever...drinking it since i was a child....

ponder: I think that what we choose to keep is special or will add to our lives on a daily basis. What we throw out will either be replaced or has no material, spiritual or monetary value......meaning is a personal thing and there's always the saying "One man's trash is another mans treasure...."


Invisible City......This is the magical city of West Hollywood.

Sometimes the sky turns grey and then at a random moment it will turn blue and then it becomes a beautiful day......

As you drive towards the heart of the city, the palm trees sing to you and sway with the wind......

At night, if you drive up any hill, magical beings throw glitter over the city making it glow.....

#36.... The Truth about Inanimate Objects...

These are glass stones and a heart...they can serve as paperweights or provide artsy decorations for any desk.... When there are no people around they dance around they surface they are on and light up.  They cluster into small groups and play games as well.....


TIME OBSERVATION: clocks, sunsets, sunrise, caterpillars.....

caterpillars waiting to become butterflies...

EXPLORE #38....Grocery Shopping...One Variable: Gluten Free Items:

#39....Food As Art


Process: Grilling vegetables is a task indeed. First i had to wash each item, peel the carrots and eggplant, slice each accordingly. Then I preheated the pan with some olive oil.  Add some seasoning and balsamic vinegar and place carefully on the plate. 

Senses Involved:

Sight- watch out for splashes of hot olive oil

Taste- Warm, sensing the newness of Winter

Touch- mushy yet confined

Hearing- Loud, violent, yet delicate

Smell- rustic

#40 Altered States

I went around today imagining that everyone was just a skeleton. It was very amusing. I found myself enjoying the day more and was excited to search for interesting people to imagine as pure skeletons.  This one lady was talking to me and was very emotional and my mind instantly imagined her as a skeleton whimpering.  Another person was dancing around thinking he was alone. 


....ACAPULCO, MEXICO, interviewed Grandpa, Grandma, Brother, Mother, Cousins

"Very 70s"

"Serene, and I want to be there now!"

"Old, moldy and its no thrill"

"Reminds me of my childhood playing on the sand buying candy from a beach vendor having braids in my hair with little beads on the end of each braid"

"Mexican food and humid weather"

"playing by the pool eating chips hearing only spanish voices, yells and splashes of water as the ocean can be faintly heard in the distance" 

"A delay in Mexico City ( the altitude makes me sick) then a short flight to Acapulco where I need to change my wardrobe to suit the weather"










Times I say "Like" in a day: 8

...A Week:56

....A Month:240

....A year:  2920


Patterns in my Apartment:




Flower Pot:



Different Compositions

#49: theater....waiting for Due Date to start people were chatting in the theater, a couple was discussing where they wanted to eat after, the male insisted on going to Cheesecake Factory and the Female insisted on having the leftovers from El Torito Grill from last night to save money. They were silent and then came to a compromise, The Male would order one dish to go from Cheesecake and the Female would eat the leftovers. It was silent again and the Female said "Ok but i get to order a slice of cheesecake from the restaurant!" He looked over at her and they shared a kiss.....



The cold air 

Soup from my neighbor's apartment

Pear from my soap

Mint from the toothpaste

Peppermint from the mouthwash

Lavender from the Detergent

Orange from the handsoap

Apple from my sports drink 


Activities in a Day

Wake up

Brush Teeth


Work Out


Internship duties



Send Emails

Watch a movie


go on the Internet



Text message

listen to the radio

do the WonderHowTo class Blog

Talk to Friends







Succulent Garden on my dining room table.....they absorb water from the environment.....low light plants.... they live for a year or so if treated with proper care and watered every 2 weeks....they compliment one another!


Found Writing Utensils


seeing the world as a film!

i see cuts from image to image... waking up is something like this in the order of sequence of the pictures below........... ----->>>>I am still dreaming when i awake so my routine rooms and streets etc. seem magical....


I let the radio guide me..when i would hear commercials i acted as those were talked about the beach so i drove west another talked about business so i headed east another talked about nature so i drove towards the park another talked about shopping so i headed towards the mall..i zig zagged all over LA for an hour then i heard a radio commercial about music and ended up at Amoeba

#57: What are they all thinking...--->>>>

I like circles....Driving with all of you is a pleasure.....What street is this called.....Are we in Kansas? is the first day of the last of the rest of your life......honk honk beep beep CRASH...God save me....I want to jump out of my car and nap in that park area....


things found in a day:





interesting people

cool new shops

a street i have never driven down

interesting food from a restaurant

a recipe for vegetables

a jacket i have been looking for

a person to talk to

new situations 

time to nap


Wandering Aimlessly

I chose to walk down Sunset Blvd Towards laurel and then into west Hollywood residential area..i had no plans and no destination..i was a wandering fool....i saw many things along the way...interesting businesses and people.....wondered how this street got Sunset became so the people ended up taking residence weird and fun it is to live in LA.....heres some images from places on my journey

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