Forum Thread: Explore - Shane O'Connor

This is for Shane again and not really katie.

Exploration #1

1) 50mm slr lens.

2) the lack of light that my lamp provides.

3) my printer with its cords sitting on top of it. still need to plug it in.

4) three pennies 

5) a piece of a cardboard box that acts as a coaster.

6) a piece of plastic that broke off of something

7) an old receipt for pizza

8) an unfinished roll of starbursts from two months ago

9) a spot on my wall where the paint has chipped off

10) a shoelace 

Exploration #2

Thursday Sept 9th 8:10 p.m. 

I'm sitting in my Westerns Genre class and we are given five minutes to take a break.  I decided that I would just sit in the theatre instead of getting up to go leave.  While I was hanging out I noticed one of my friends was in the class to  which I was oblivious to and if I hadnt decided to stay in during the break I would have never knew he was there.  Just a random observation but it stuck out to me.

Friday Sept 10th 4:00pm

I wen't to beverages and more to buy some beer for a little get together I was planning to have at my house.  While I was walking down the isles I was pleasantly surprised to find a beer, Baltika, that I drank almost exclusively for two weeks in russia this past summer.  It reminded me of a lot of good times that I had with my friend, meeting russians, and sharing stories.  I'm glad I can now be slightly reminded of those times with enjoying this fine beer.

Monday Sept 13th 11:30 am

I'm sitting at work on my computer running through head shots for a casting session I have coming up.  I look up for a moment and realize that there is a new employee that I haven't met yet who is talking to my boss about his likes and dislikes.  I guess I'll probably get to know him sooner or later but it was a little weird listening to the dialogue as the two began to relate on different levels.

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Some really great observations.  intuition is simply an extension of these observations.  The more you observe the more you will know - sounds weird but keep it up and you will understand what I am REALLY saying.

Exploration #3

CD - very reflective adds its own color

My desk- the finish on my desk gives off an even soft bounce

My Cell phone - reflects great

magazine cover - the glossy cover can act as a good bounce

Aluminum foil - nice silver reflection

white notebook paper - soft bounce

kitchen knife - the stainless steel blade acts as a mirror

water bottle - the water in the bottle doesnt so much reflect the water but rather refracts it. still a cool pattern it can put on a wall.

Exploration #6

A Nerf Gun.  I feel like I used to get a new nerf gun every year when I was a kid.  I loved playing around with them and shooting the darts at windows and then trying to shoot those darts off.  It me coming to college to remember how much fun I used to have with nerf guns so i bought one and have had endless fun since then.

Exploration #8

A crack leading up the steps into my house

A side walk in westchester

The road down the block from my house

Exploration #9

From left to right.  A charger for something that I lost at some point.  I have no idea what it was for.  A large rubber nose. it seems to have no purpose and I dont remember how I came into owning it.  A maroon piece of plastic that probably fell off of something.  A ziploc bag with three pieces of foam and a rubberband. they seem to be together for some reason. maybe they was more to the bag at one point.  A wooden stick. i think its a stirring  stick but neither i nor my roommates drink coffee so I wonder where it came from.  A small yellow rubber man. what is his point?

Exploration #10

This is my dog statue that I named capernicus that acts a change purse in the corner of my room.

The top half of him mainly his head is rather clean. there is no dirt and he is still has his original color to him.  He has a color around his neck and most obviously he is holding a large basket in his mouth.  around the handles of the basket he has taken on a whitish coloring.  I think that is because he may have be used as an ash tray by his previous owners and it is just a build up of ash that i was unable to remove when i cleaned him.  Inside his basket is seventy four cents.  I have just started using him for holding my change.

Capernicus' bottom is a little different from the top.  his color is intact and he sits on a rectangular base.  there is still a little bit of dirt on his bottom since I took him from outside and havent given him a good clean.  I think i found a small spider web as well tucked away up inside one of his armpits. there was also a dried leaf tucked away in between his legs.

Exploration #12

Trip to the library.

-walked out of my house. incredibly hot today.

-man mowing the neighbors lawn

-car is dirty. desperately needs a wash

-my remote entry for my car is running out of batteries. have to use key

-its like an oven in my car. windows need to be opened

-one of my favorite queen songs is on the radio

-i get a call from my mom. cant answer it while driving

-car ran through a stop sign. i have to slam on my brakes

-it was a white honda civic

-i arrive at the back gates to school. cant get my wallet out of my pocket

-finally swipe my card to get in.

- when i get out of my car i smell smoking oil. i might have a leak

-the wind blows and some leaves fall infront of me

-kids are practicing football on the field

-a girl jogs by me

-i return my moms call

-she likes to talk on the phone for long periods

-i see a friend of mine that i have yet to see this new year

-we talk about our summers

-he went to africa. i want to goto africa

-two girls are sunbathing on a bit of grass

-they both have sunglasses on and are reading

-the sliding door of the library takes awhile to open

-its so cool inside because of the air conditioner

-its quiet compared to outside

-the library is at about half capacity on the bottom floor

-i have problems looking up books for class. never can figure out the filing system

-i run my finger along the books searching for the one im looking for

-its on the bottom self and pushed in to a point where i almost didn't see it

-the book has a red cover and plain text

-i walk to an open seat and share a table with someone engrossed with a laptop

-i open the book and the pages are pretty old

-i check the copyright year. 1968

-decide to read the first chapter and then bring it home

-a couple laughs across the room from me

-they can seem to contain themselves

-they get up and leave after they gather their things

-the air conditioner duct above my head is droning

-the guy the next table over from me is slyly eating a sandwich. i don't think its allowed

-from my vantage point it looks like turkey

-the guy still has some mustard on his face

-my friend texts me asking if i could swing by work to answer some questions.

-i look at my watch 4:34

-two and a half hours till my next class i can probably go talk

-five more pages to finish

-someone sneezes really loud on the floor i am on

-finish reading and go up to the counter

-hand over my student ID and the book to get it checked out

-toss it in my bag and walk out the library

-the heat hits me in the face as i leave

-i put my headphones in and walk to find my friend.

Exploration 14

Sitting in my room at 9:15 on a sunday.

-my alarm goes to the left of me and I wake up

-sounds of the paper as i open my binder to document the sounds

-fan blowing to the right of me

- lawn mower outside

-a dog barking and an owner telling it to stop

- airplane flying over head

- my roommate walking outside my room on the hardwood floors

-the tv turning on

-the clank of a spoon in a cereal bowl

- a car driving by and honking his horn three times

-a couple talking outside as they jog by

- my roommate out in the living room talking on his phone

-the front door opening and footsteps leaving the house

-a car door opening and closing

-the car starting

-the car stereo blasting music and then being turned down

-the car driving off

- some kids yelling in the distance

- my phone ringing

-my phone making the noise that i have a voice mail

Exploration 15

Sunday september 26

-Bought a bottle of draino for $9.99

-In-n-out double double meal $6.31

- I eat spaghetti for dinner. already purchased

Exploration 16

What is your hardest day of school?

25% friday 50% Tuesday 25% monday

What is your favorite subject?

75% Film 25% Business

how do you get to school?

25% walk 25% bike 50% drive

What do you eat for lunch at school?

75% leftovers brought from home 25% off campus food

What is your earliest class on any given day?

25% 8am 25% 9am 50% 10am

my tower of babel of my small camera collection

Exploration #18


Exploration #19

-red leaves that have fallen from the trees

-simple dirt

-green grass




Exploration #20

-need to rewrite my thesis script

-lip sync is tonight

-i should find out if my friends are going to lip sync tonight

-jeans or shorts tonight?

-i wonder if anyone is on campus that could hang onto some stuff for me

- beta seems really amped to give there performance

-i wonder where jonny is

- haha i havent seen kevin is so long. i should try and find him afterwards

- eggs or pancakes today

-giants play today. they better not choke

-giants won. holy crap!

-call my dentist tomorrow

-email head of production

Exploration #21

Abbot kenney street.

-so many different types of shops

-lots of unique bars and restaurants

-really amazing micro brew place that i forget the name of

-last time i was there a group of ducati owners at the restaurant i was at. amazing bikes

-trees lining the streets

-street parking is a pain, usually have to park a block away

-two lane road

-always lots of people walking down the street

-pleasant breeze that comes from the ocean down the street

-its a long street and goes from venice to santa monica i believe

-the best places that i have been to are on the corners

exploration #24

i organize all my medium format pictures that i take into dark images and light

exploration #25

there is a little bit of water hanging off of the faucet in the bathroom. it forms a weird shape that i dont often see with water. its kind of a crescent shape but also a tear drop.  its hard to explain.

exploration #26

one uniball pen

one motorola phone



car keys

messenger bag

exploration #27

as i was walking to school, i saw a squirrel sitting on its butt chewing on a piece of bread that some passerby must have given it. what was most unusual about this sitting squirrel was not its position or its food, but what it was sitting next on. a large crater-like hole subsumed the squirrel and appeared as though the squirrel made the crater from its obesity.

exploration #28

long slender cords of my ipod wrap around the softy cottony protector of the music player. cold hard metallic bottom of my ipod juts out from the protector. the smooth glass of the ipod juts out also. the foam tips of my headphones are squishy and 

pliable.  the head phone itself is rubbery and tattered from constantly being taken in and out of my pocket

exploration #29

objects on a piece of paper

-matte photography

-lolipop wraper

-clothes pin

-bottle cap

exploration #30

-tibetan prayer flags. i picked up while traveling over the summer

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