News: Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome

My name is Mike Goedecke and I am your professor for Production 476 / 690.

I have been in the production and post-production field for over 20 years.

I founded and ran my own motion graphics studio called Belief for 15 years.

Years ago I wrote the After Effects Classroom in a book which I still feel is the best book to learn the hardcore part of after effects and how to create projects that are easily changed and render quick.

You can still buy it on Amazon and I highly recommend you do as well as Chris and Trish Meyer's book Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects.

I want everyone to share ideas and inspiration using this WonderHowTo world. 

Here is your first test

Please create a Forum that is titled "Inspiration" + your name.  You will find a Forum post by me with this structure.  I expect everyone to find at least 1 video a week to share as things that inspire you.  The more rare and unusual the video the better.  If I haven't seen the video before and its really cool then extra bonus points for sure.  Each week we will be going over these videos.  Please include a description below the video of why you chose it and what you liked about the video.  I have begun my own sourcing of inspiration in my forum, Inspiration Mike Goedecke.

I would hope your videos would become a source of inspiration for everyone and I encourage everyone to look at each others posts.  These videos should be everything from art, to design, to fx.  Inspiration comes from crazy places so explore.  Perhaps its a series of images vs a video, that would be fine as well.

Goal of the Class

My goal with this class is to teach you what you want to learn.  Im a busy guy and I don't have patience for slackers.  I expect everyone to attend class on time and give the projects their best shot.  You will never be judged in life by your failures, only your successes - so if you haven't already been hitting them out of the ballpark its time you start.

When you leave school and enter the real world it will be a massive transition.  Having the skills and the passion to land the job you want and keep it is all one can hope for.

I want the class to be fun, thought provoking and helpful.

We are here to not only learn but to grow as artists and creative minds.

Let the semester Begin.

Office Hours

Tuesdays 6-7 pm on days that it is pre-arranged

Room 312

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