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I think this does a good job of being creative as well as making you think.  I also love the way the song was remixed.  

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This piece looks like it was all done with stills, this is a very creative way to do things on the cheap.  When you tell stories with still you realize how important each frame is and the impact each frame can have.  Sometimes we get spoiled shooting at 24 or 30 FPS.

The one thing I was not a big fan of was the frames of black.  Sometimes they seemed intentional, sometimes a mistake.

What message did you take away from this video, I'm curious?

I thought that this was commenting on how wrapped up we are with our brands, etc.  It seemed to really say something about our use of technology (especially cell phones) and how we are never disconnected from our phone, but because of this we can be more disconnected to reality.  

When I watched it again, I didn't like the black frames either.  

What is your take away from the video?  Do you stop participating with brands?

Im just curious if the message was cool and clever or really powerful in terms of your life has changed as a result of seeing the short?  Moving the minds of your audience is the goal of any great piece and Im curious if you were moved into action as a result of seeing this short?

I wouldn't say that I was moved into action from this film... I just thought it was cool.  However, I am not one of those crazy cell phone enthusiasts who is never away from their phone.  I'm not sure if this short's goal is for us to take action, I thought it was more of a commentary on our society.  

I have always thought this was a really cool effect.... is there a way to do something similar to this in AE?  

Lots and lots of rotoscoping.  This took over 2 years to finish all the rotoscoping in this movie.  VERY VERY LABOR INTENSIVE, but amazing to look at.  Waking Life is another with the same effect.

Also in the movie "THE FIVE OBSTRUCTIONS" which I can't recommend more for people to see, there is a segment done with this.

My inspiration for this week has to do with title sequences.  I have always loved when shows/movies have really good ones.  I am bummed that a lot of TV shows have abandoned the title sequence and instead just quickly flas the title.  

I love the Weeds intro even though it is pretty simple.  It looks like they just used 3D space and put masks on the titles.  The Brady Bunch intro is a classic.  I love how they use different layers and sizes, but then tie them all together by having the characters look at each other.  The United States of Tara intro isn't as easy to figure out as the other ones.  I think that it is a whole bunch of 3D layers, moving cameras, and lights in AE.  I'd love to better understand how they did that.  

This is the coolest commercial.  It was made entirely out of clay, with no special effects (apparently).  

As nerdy as it is, Boise State being on the cover of SI this week is pretty exciting/inspiring.  I've been watching that team since I was little (I'm from Idaho) and it is really cool to see us getting some recognition.

I cant get the video in here, but this news story gives a good idea of what its like to grow up in a pretty small city.  Plus, the cover itself is pretty cool.  

This is my favorite commencement speech.  

Here is my mustache video!

This commercial is really cool!  I have no idea how they did it!  

Really cool effects - and funny!

This commercial was totally revolutionary... now it feels like people use silhouettes all the time!

Te he he.... love these commercials

This is pretty cool.... it is a time lapse of a guy driving across the country!  It amazes me that someone driving that far can be compressed into a cool, 4 minute video.

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