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I really like this video. I found it a couple years ago and it makes me happy every time I watch it. I like the way they use colors to direct your eyes to a particular spot in the frame!

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This sort of color isolation is really easy to do in after effects.  We will go over this sort of thing in the next class.

I remember seeing this when it was released and thought it had amazing energy.

Girlfriend sent me this video... thought it was really well done! I mean, the whole multiple videos on one screen is kinda overdone, but i like the use of photographs and photography to make it interesting!

The refraction sells this video.  Without that it would seem very flat, but that little bit of changing reflections really sells this effect.  We will go over how to create this type of subtle effect.

I would love to do some slow mo stuff! not much lights and colors... but still shows the amazing capability of AFTER EFFECTS!

Let it load and full screen it!

not only inspirational in the way it was made...

but inspires me to be a teacher!

love it!

Ive been that guy. Im not sure what the ham meant.... ?  Any idea?

haha I dont know what the ham meant... but i thought it was hilarious!

This is my friend's video... I like the intro... and the transitions he has (the one's that look like its burning into another shot.)

lights, camera, actions! lights!

Freakin awesome animation on Vimeo homepage!

JAWSOME.  I've seen another video with morphing animation like this before that I loved... I'll share it if I can find it again.

edit for class 10.5.10

Final Mustache Video!

3d from first week

stop motion inspiration


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