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 I thought Big Fish used a lot of cool techniques and there were a few in this scene. I was always curious how to fuse the still shot with a character moving through it as well as how they interact like when he goes through the hoop or the popcorn falls. Would that be done through After Effects?

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This scene could totally be done in after effects.  It would require some trickery, but its totally possible.

Most of the time, except for the popcorn, I would bet anything, that they just had people stand really still and then add in enough stuff like the popcorn to make it look like a frozen moment.  Its much easier to paint out a blink of someone then to composite all that.  This would allow the change in perspective that occurs with people.

Lets keep the inspiration coming, its only 1 video a week.

Inspiration #2

Inspiration #3

Starts at 2:45

I love how he uses colors in the costumes that pop against the dreary background in this movie. I also love how he created a world that was a time period we know about but is still completely different from actual history.

Do you know who directed this and what other movies have you seen by him?

Its interesting you pick this film not one of his best films, but the costumes and location were quite nice.

I loved the world that this movie created. It was distinctly different from the series, but at the same time you could see where the inspiration came from. I thought space was fascinating to look at the special effects made the movie more enticing.

I'm making a musical this year so I've been watching a bunch of different films and love this song from Chicago. The lighting, dancing, and music go together perfectly.

As much as this song annoys me it is cool how they used ink blots for the whole video. Its such a simple idea but very interesting.

I thought that this commercial is so simple but you can't stop watching either!

i think that hp commercials are really clever the way they do everything and its always fun to watch

The video wouldn't link but this is the website to this music video that is interactive and designed with google chrome. I thought this video was so cool how you can put in your own address and the video puts your house into it. I think this is an amazing music video for the new way of thinking about things.

I love how simple the video was but absolutely beautiful too. When it changed from winter to spring the colors in the sky were so gorgeous! And the film seemed to move between the photos seamlessly

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