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Like Phil, I really like the color isolation and the overall comic book look in this movie.

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This movie was amazing visually but I felt nearly unwatchable per the story.

I think people often overlook story in favor of aesthetic, to the downfall of the medium.

Take a lesson from pixar, if you can make a story about an old man and a fat asian kid, your a talented storyteller and isn't that the point of this medium.

If you think Im wrong, give me a quick summary of sin city?  

I loved the movie visually but I can't for the life of me remember the story, do you?

I've actually never seen the movie. I just remember watching a clip in one of my film classes and thinking it looked really cool. But I agree. If you can only remember the look of the movie, and not the story, something is wrong.

This trailer doesn't really do it justice... But I saw this documentary "More Than A Game" at school. The main reason it's inspirtaional is that it was started as a junior level documentary at LMU, and years later, what started as a 10 minute LMU student film became a huge theatrical release movie. But on top of that, the rotoscoping in the actual movie of the still images was so cool to me. I have no idea how to do it, but when making my documentary last year, I wish I knew how. Because I still remember the pictures from this movie. They made such a huge difference when showing the still images... wasn't boring and static like the majority of still images you see on screen.

We went over this technique more or less in the first class.  It is real easy to do this technique once I go over the 3D camera.  Its simply rotoscoping the images and then setting 2 keyframes.

According to the description this was done with stop motion, so I know it's not so much After Effects related. But it's still really cool what can be done with photography. I also felt it went along with our Mustache assignment, how the image changes with the music.

Great find, just because its stop motion doesn't mean it can't be augmented with After Effects, very much like the mustache video.

This video goes well with the Exploring exercises. I used to fly small planes like this in high school. It really is a different view being above ground (and not above the clouds like commercial planes). Everything looks so different. I'd like to go up again after all these exploring assignments and see if I see things differently.

I thought this video was perfect. It goes along with our Exploring exercises. Taking objects we never thought would be useful (like old kids toys) and filming them. They make really cool images that I wouldn't have expected!

I know the beginning of this can be easily done in After Effects, but then it gets crazy and I have no idea how they do the rest of it! It's such a simple idea, but looks really cool. And I also noticed they used a vignette to draw your attention to the middle! 

Here's my final Mustache video. I changed the barber shop background and adjusted the hand. I really wanted to have the hand wipe the image down, but I just couldn't figure out how to do it with a new comp. So eventually I want to do that. But I'm happy with how it turned out for now!

This video I think is the most inspirational one I have found so far. It is done all in After Effects with images very similar to the ones Drew created in Illustrator. It's a short video that is cute and fun, and something that all of us in the class would be able to do with what we've learned. I liked seeing a video like this because it gave me an idea of what I could accomplish.

I can barely do animation using AE. I think it's crazy that people have the patience to do animation with cut out paper. It's cool though that it ends up having a similar look to the all AE video I posted last week.

I watched the new Katy Perry video today and I was really curious how you would do the firework effect. Especially when they are coming out of people's chests. Is that an effect you can generate? Or do they film the fireworks seperatley and just layer them on top? It seems like it could be a simple concept, but I was interested in how they did it.

This is such a simple idea, and looks so cool... Yet the amount of work that went into it is insane. I enjoyed watching the "Making of" video as much as I liked the final product! It just shows that anyone can take an idea, and with a lot of work, turn it into something.

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