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Hi Mike,

I just wanted to post some inspiration under katies until we can figure out what is causing me troubles on the forum with regards to my account.

So to start off I found this video a couple days ago and just liked it because of how simple it is. take a normally boring thing, a plane taking off, and shoot it in an interesting way. By the end of the video you do have a sense of how small we are just like the creator says in his video comments. I also like his choice to remove the color makes you pay attention more to the details of the ground I feel.

This second video relates to what you were talking about HDR in class last week.  I always thought it would be cool to be able to do true HDR with video being able to have to sources being above and below exposure and i guess these guys figured it out.  Really creates some interesting looks that I feel like cinematographers could latch onto.

Lastly is this stop motion video.  The amount of planning and pre-vis to make this movie just astonishes me and the creators pulled of their concept quite well

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Saw that HDR video quite cool, done with a beam splitter.

Talk to bryan crow who emailed you to solve this problem you are having.



Just some truly amazing shot in this video that inspired me this week

slow motion always intrigues me and i love some of the compositions that the artist uses. the reactions that he captures also are inspiring to capture some truly real and raw

its amazing to try and re-evalute you view of the word and to find amazing art in previously over looked areas

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