Forum Thread: Inspiration Casey Simon

THe music is inspirational along with the highly saturated color and camera work.

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Nice, funny how saturated colors feels so foreign.  Its like when neon hit in the 80's people were like WOW look at that color!

HDR with a 5d mark II!! So many possibilities, colors also look somewhat saturated...which seems to be a trend of mine.

Woahhhhh. So cool! Now I want an iPad.

Cool wedding video, I have been filming weddings lately for a living. Fast motion looks great, as do the dolly shots done on a "pocket dolly"

The artists take on his/her work was "Attraction and Repulsion."  I did not see that at all.  I saw the same raw material being interpreted completely differently by different people.  We are all individuals and see the same thing in different ways.

I am so proud to be a GEICO insurance policy holder!

One of my favorite songs.  Music video has awesome angles and plays with color saturation very well.  The video itself makes no sense to me though, at least when you listen to the lyrics.  Isn't the entire purpose of a music VIDEO to emphasize the lyrics of the MUSIC?

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