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Sitting on my bed looking around the room:

  1. air leaving my computer
  2. airplane flying over
  3. How low the ceiling actually is
  4. vaccuum in the corner
  5. the scent of sweet pea body lotion
  6. a glow bracelet
  7. a pink ribbon
  8. how the room shakes when the front door closes
  9. How messy my bed is
  10. The light breaking through the curtains

Sorry I thought I posted this but apparently not! Here you go:

#2 Experience Log

Sept. 8th, 4pm; walking from Leavey 6 to Film Bldg

This past Wednesday I was walking to class when I had to decide whether to walk through the parking garage or take the long way along the resident housing. Something told me that I should take the long way and it was one of the best decisions I made. As I was walking I realized how the sun warmed my skin perfectly while the soft wind cooled me off just enough that it felt comfortable. As I was walking past McCarthy I noticed how the flowers and bushes out there were looking absolutely vibrant and healthy with the sun in that position. I also saw many of my friends and a few who had study abroad the previous year and had not had a chance to talk to yet. This experience of following my instincts showed me that they always send me in the right direction. I always end up on an adventure or find great conversations so I need to just trust myself more often.

#3  Light

Explore - Kimmy Evans

Explore - Kimmy Evans

Explore - Kimmy Evans

Explore - Kimmy Evans

Explore - Kimmy Evans

Explore - Kimmy Evans


Explore - Kimmy Evans

1.  plastic fruit - i liked how the light centralized on one point and then went out from there

2. Pot lid- the light distorted all the images that were reflected onto the lid

3. waxy paper- We peeled decorations off this backing but the waxy background plays with the light depending on where you look at it from

4. Plastic decoration- These are hanging in our hall and as it twists it looks like there are different shades of that color

5. flashlight- I thought the structure of the flashlight used the light in a cool way

6. Magnetic "diamond"- the prism shape warps the light in a unique way

#4 Found on the Bluff Trail

Explore - Kimmy Evans

1. Explore - Kimmy Evans

1. Burlap Coffee bag

2. Neon green Cars marker

3. 1 nickel and 3 pennies

4. a black button

5. crumpled up streamer

6. glow in the dark necklace

7. computer piece

8. mint wrapped in a las vegas themed wrapper

9. piece of green paper

10. foam board

#5 Things with cool patterns

Explore - Kimmy Evans

Explore - Kimmy Evans

Explore - Kimmy Evans

Explore - Kimmy Evans

Explore - Kimmy Evans

Explore - Kimmy Evans

Explore - Kimmy Evans

Explore - Kimmy Evans

Explore - Kimmy Evans

1. Map of Paris cork board 

2. polka dot towel

3. Bowl with circles within a circle

4-8. wall decals- i really like these patterns esp when designed together

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10 Responses

Yeah smell.  What about touch?  What are you sitting on and how does it feel?

Finish 2-5

Exercises 6-11


Pinata: I got this one for my roommates birthday last year but she never wanted to crack it open cause she liked it so much. It reminded me of how my parents would never get a pinata for my birthday because they were afraid that one of my friends would get hurt and it always made me want one even more. I never especially liked them, but it was the usual because it's out of reach I wanted it more feeling.

Skip-It: I was driving down a residential street in Westchester when I saw a little boy outside playing with a skip it. I haven't seen any kid with one in today's world but it was one of my favorite birthday gifts of all time. One time after I had gotten my highest score ever I ran inside to tell someone, but my sister walked out in that moment and reset it so that she could play with it. It was a tough day


This vibrant blue reminds me of a soccer backpack I had when I was younger and took everywhere with me

This red reminds me of some of the flowers I used to have in my backyard that I loved looking at

This color just makes me feel very calm which is why it is the color of one of my yoga mats


These are a set of cracks that are right outside the gym as you drive in from the back gates. I found it funny how after four years of being here I never noticed them until now.


I decided to go with the theme of office supplies. I never understood who sat down and decided to create these. Especially the paper clip, millions of people had to play with metal and wrap it into that shape, but someone had to think that it was a good idea to use that metal to hold paper together. It just makes me wonder where do some of the simplest ideas come from?


The fan
Front Half
1. over 12 different settings for how we want the wind to blow
2. The company logo
3. Each symbol does not make sense for what it stands for
4. cylindrical shape but the top is oval
5. smooth surface
7. very dusty
8. when the light goes on it is weak
9. the blades where the air comes out it sharp
10 . looks a bit more 3D by having one layer wrap around another
11. the silver buttons stand out from the black fan
12. it is a reflective surface, but still distorts the reflection
13. Able to see inside to the machine part slightly
14. very long
15. reflects light on rim
Back Half
1. the holes in the back makes the back look slightly see through from the side
2. The silver is very noticeable against the black
3. The metal is colder especially when the air is running
4. When the fan rotates it looks like the back is two separate pieces because of the color difference.
5. The cord extension give the fan a tail
6. The back suctions your finger to the gate when running leaving the imprint on the middle of my thumb
7. It is very similar to the front half except in color
8. It looks much taller than the front
9. There are less panels and sectioning of the shape than in the front


Compare two objects

Two different bicycles

  • One is teal while the other is black
  • both have two wheels, breaks, pedals, and handlebars
  • both can be used to reach a certain destination faster
  • On the teal bike the wheels have a red lining while the black bike has the basic black tires
  • The teal bike has a light and other unnecessary attachments on the handlebars while the black bike has the basics
  • There are stickers all over both bikes
  • The black bike has lost its kickstand so now it must always lean against something
  • The black one has a 4 of Diamonds card pinned to the back wheel
  • The heights are different for each bike since their riders are different heights
  • The teal bike makes a screeching noise when the breaks are used while the black one moves smoothly

Hike in Malibu Leave around 7am

1.      The sun rising on the left side of the road

2.      The water glittering and somewhat blinding while I drive- but beautiful!

3.      the heat quickly rising

4.      music on the radio going in and out of the tunnel on PCH

5.      The blue Civic on my right screeching as it hits the breaks

6.      I see empty parking lots all along the beach but I see a lot of people already running and biking

7.      Finally get to the trail and see a few cars parked along the street

8.      We get out and it is now much cooler with the wind than inside the car

9.      The gravel crunches under my feet

10.  The gravel also lets me slide around a little as I walk

11.  I hear the bushes rustle on my right side but cannot see what is causing it. Really hoping its not a big animal

12.  Get to the main trail area and notice the multiple trails to take

13.  There is graffitti all over the board that shows information about the park

14.  We cross over a small wooden bridge that should have water running below but it doesn't

15.  There are random bird chirps as if they are talking to each other

16.  With each gust of wind there is the rustle of leaves and movement of dirt on the ground

17.  It is relatively quiet now that we have hiked in a bit more and I can't hear the cars from the street anymore.

18.  There is more rustling in the bushes and we see a couple of squirrels as well as a rabbit running around

19.  The small patch of flowers that I walked past were really vibrant compared to the dirt and dead bushes that surrounded it

20.  I could suddenly hear people somewhere on the mountain talking but I'm not sure where it was coming from

21.  We got to the first lookout and was amazed at how muggy the day had turned but the ocean was still beautiful

22.  Now that I took a break I could feel the stress in my muscles and some cramps starting to form

23.  The breeze from the lookout was very cool and felt so nice in the heat I had created from hiking

24.  There were a number of empty water bottles laid around the place alond with some other trash

25.  There were a couple of snake or gopher hills up top too but no animals found!

26.  My legs began to hurt a little more when we continued up the steep incline to the next section of the hike

27.  We came to this pass where trees had grown over the path creating this canopy where light fell in making it look beautiful

28.  The sun had started to come out a little more making the hike a bit more hot and tougher to do

29.  We came to an area of the path that was overgrown with twigs so as I stepped through they scratched my legs

30.  When we reached the most steep part of the hill we found that they put planks in the ground to create steps which made it more steady to climb

31.  I found that I could feel my breath quicken and my chest tighten while my muscles burned climbing this

32.  Our conversation had also become a bit more infrerquent letting me notice how serene it was the closer we got to the top

33.  We finally caught up to the people who we heard earlier taking a break on one of the turns and found that one of them worked at LMU- random conversation

34.  We finally made it to the top and found that it looked out over some of the most beautiful homes that were all very different styles from Meditteranian, Spanish, and more Modern

35.  When we sat down for a second I looked up and some of the clouds looked like a clover, a kite, and a balloon tied to a string

36.  The wind was slowly dying away which made the heat a bit less bearable but the break let all the muscles relax

37.  I found a small memorial for someone towards the end of the cliff with prayer cards, a photo, and other little objects

38.  The vegitation had thinnned out at the top of the mountain making it very open and brown with just dirt

39.  When we continued down the mountain I noticed how I was using different muscles to balance myself on the steep decline- it still felt better than going up

40.  There was more shade on the backside of the mountain making it much cooler and relaxing

41.  We heard something like running water, but very softly and came up to this waterfall that was only a small stream down the rocks

42.  We crossed over another wooden bridge that creaked as we stepped over it

43.  There plopping sounds from nuts that fell out of the tree into the pond below

44.  That also caused ripples that went undisturbed through the whole pond

45.  We finally got out to the end of the trail that was a paved path making our footsteps sound much lighter than the grinding of gravel/dirt

46.  We came across a small house that had a picnic table outside as well play equipment spread all over the yard.

47.  As we walked past the house we could hear the television going on with the morning news inside

48.  We walked about 10 more minutes and heard traffic from the street again. It was much busier than when we arrived

49.  Once at the car the street had filled up substantially more with cars and motorcycles

50.  The air conditioning in the car felt so good cooling us down

51.  The sound of the radio actually was unpleasant after hearing such calming sounds on the trail

Ex. 13

Orangina poster

Something Silver Jewelry Shop

 Gum company- Good clean fun!

I think the bright colors and the stars make the plate way more peppy!

Ex.14 11:15am Dentist Office

  • Sound of secretary's voice taking down information and making phone calls
  • The squeakiness of the floorboards as people walk across them
  • The sound of the pages of the magazine as I flip through it
  • My clothes rubbing against the couch as I adjust the way I'm sitting
  • My foot as I tap it on the floor
  • The subtle music playing over the speakers
  • The sound of a drill running from one of the back rooms


  • The assistant calling my name to head back
  • The rustling of my bag as I pick up my stuff and walk across the squeaky floorboards
  • The music is a bit louder now that I'm in the back room
  • I walk by and hear one kid rustling in the chest filled with pencils and other prizes for going to the dentist!
  • I walk past the room that has the drill going and the sound is louder than subsides
  • I am placed in the room along a street so I can hear the rumble of traffic outside
  • I sit down in the dentist chair that squeks a bit
  • There is a click from the light she turned on

11:35 am

  • The shwooooing sound from the electric toothbrush cleaning my teeth
  • After she turns off the toothbrush I can hear the music again and it's always on a different song


  • There are scratching sounds and clinking as they examine my teeth and finish cleaning them up
  • Throughout there is talking from the dentist and her assistants even though I can't answer their questions (never understood why they ask you stuff at these moments)


  • As I stand up to go I notice a slight ticking coming from the clock on the side wall
  • Scratching from the pen as I'm signing extra paperwork
  • The chime from the door as I open it to leave as well as a click from the handle

Ex. 15 Everything I consume in a day


Went on a hike in Malibu

Breakfast of Soy mango yogurt with blueberries, granola, and a banana

Read books 13-14 of the Iliad

Watched a couple hours of Psych

Went to Lip Sync practice and worked on new dances


Lunch of a veggie sandwhich and a side of grapes

Glass of rasberry lemonade

Went of facebook, my email and other websites


Dinner of pasta with chicken and veggies

Watched hercules with the roomies then bed

Ex 16

Survey of 15 people (9 girls, 6 boys)

What is your favorite summer activity?

a)      Going to the pool- 20%

b)      Going to the beach- 60%

c)      Reading- 0%

d)     Sleeping – 20%

What is your favorite summer snack?

a)      Watermelon – 13%

b)      Ice cream – 67%

c)      Lemonade – 13%

d)     Ice water - 7%

What kind of movie do you want to see during the summer?

a)      A tear jerking drama – 0%

b)      Action – 75%

c)      Romantice Comedy – 25%

d)     International – 0%

Where would you like to travel to in the summer?

a)      San Diego – 40%

b)      NYC – 7%

c)      Dallas – 0%

d)     Miami – 53%

Favorite Swimsuit company?

a)      Roxy/ Quicksilver – 53%

b)      Old Navy – 0%

c)      Victoria Secret – 20%

d)     Anything is fine – 27%

  1. #17 Sculpture

The only thing besides a few envelopes were DVDs and a bowl of fake fruit so I was reminded of a stacking playing cards and just played with how much stuff it would hold.


Under my desk

  • Trashcan
  • Bag of lotion from bath and body works
  • Sandals that I got on my brithday, but still need to exchange for a smaller size
  • Blank CDs and DVDs
  • Lint Roller (Target $1 section!)
  • Notebook and extra papers from classes
  • Extra lamp from LMU
  • My hard drive
  • Extension cord with my computer charger, phone charger, and the plug ins for my lamp and alarm clock
  • Purple trashcan


Plant from a Mexican Restaurant on Abbot Kinney

I like the deep brown and deteriorated brown placed together

An orange and pink glow stick the night after they were cracked


  • Work is going by so fast
  • These gummy bears are really good.
  • I don't want to go to the gym but I know I'll regret it if I don't
  • This work out class is way painful
  • This shower feels so good and now I don't feel gross
  • What should I make for dinner?
  • I really hate this class. It seems to drag on forever
  • Is there any way I can get out of going to practice tonight?
  • I'm so tired and really want to go to bed
  • I don't understand why so many people avoid taking the stairs. They're not that bad.
  • The Hill smells like fish
  • There are so many girls talking at once.
  • This dance is my favorite!
  • I'm so excited to go to bed


Griffith Observatory is my favorite place in the whole of LA. The enterance to the Observatory looks over LA and gives a clear view of the Hollywood sign too. The grass is always healthy and green and perfect for a study break. The column in the middle has different scientists and astronomers like Copernicus, Kepler, and Galileo carved in. On the ground the orbit of the planets is drawn into the cement showing how far some planets travel. On top of the building is the Zeiss telescope that typically looks at the moon and planets and is in great condition even though it has been open since 1935. The observatory is perfect for scenery, knowledge and having loads of fun!


People Watching- LA Galaxy Game

I went with my sister and some friends to a LA Galaxy game at the Rose Bowl. It was full of loud fans, lots of horns, and beating drums to get everyone excited. Everyone seemed to be wearing soccer jerseys even if it wasn't either of the teams just to prove that they watch the sport. There was also many people drinking beer and eating pretzels and anything else that came from the concession stand. In front of us was a large family that had made this game a family reunion so there were about 20 of them together. Only about half of them were Galaxy fans and the rest just cheered for the opposing team to annoy their family, but by doing this they also annoyed some fans that were in front of them. Almost everyone in our section was drunk and very loud, but it made each play more grand.

#23 Mystery- UFOs

  1. Are UFOs real?

I talked to my friend and she was sold that UFOs and aliens were real, but I personally never really had an opinion. So it made me curious what kind of information is out there.

2. Research

1947 Humanoid Reports. The beginning of the modern era, 1947 brought us "Roswell" and other interesting happenings. But humanoids had been seen before and crashes mentioned also in previous years. Methinks Roswell is just the proverbial "tip of the iceberg", are we talking intergalactic warfare here?

Unidentified flying object (commonly abbreviated as UFO or U.F.O.) is the popular term for any apparent aerial phenomenon whose cause cannot be easily or immediately identified by the observer. The United States Air Force, which coined the term in 1952, initially defined UFOs as those objects that remain unidentified after scrutiny by expert investigators,[1] though today the term UFO is colloquially used to refer to any unidentifiable sighting regardless of whether it has been investigated.

3. Get Involved

I remembered hearing a few stories when I was younger, but the one I remember the most came from my computer teacher in high school. He believed that he had been abducted and was so sure that he made sure to tell every class so that they could protect themselves. Back then everyone made a joke about it because he was so over the top when he told the story and the idea of UFOs or being abducted is out of the ordinary that it's hard to accept.

4. Conclusion

While I find UFOs a fascinating idea, the lack of academic readings on it makes me a non believer. I would love to think that there is something else out there, but basing a theory soley on individual's stories is not very reliable. It all seems to be more conspiracy theories and the people who have published the most information on the subject do it in a non-academic way that takes away from their believability.



nature vs. industrial

dead flowers vs. sun










clothes and shoes





light switch

running water

pencil and paper




my bed

cell phone


Stuff from disneyland parking lot

in pocket: sunglasses


sharp corners






Number out of 15 that guessed correctly:

hair clip- 5

tape- 9
towel- 11
blanket- 7
metal spiral- 13


Vegas Trip:



camera (case)

m&m world candy



31. Things that make sounds

pots, Tupperware, a cup and teapot

my piggy bank filled with change

my jewelry box with necklaces and rings inside

push pins in a box

32. Magical objects

shoes- just like Hermes they could sprout wings and then i could fly

the Halloween short would allow me to be anything for Halloween and it would look believable

purse- the large purple bag would work as a Mary Poppins esq bag in that I could pull anything I need out of it at anytime

33Loyolan Newspaper

34. These are things that once the holiday passes are no use


cat in pumpkin that lights up

happy birthday beads

35. This city would be underground but everything in neon colors. It looks like all the neon billboards in JApan but instead that is just how everything is colored. It seems like night all day but no one seems to notice it. The cars are all airborne and the city is full of huge skyscrapers that reach towards the roof but the world is so huge that the roof is several thousand stories high so the buildings seem to stretch on for miles. The streets are like New York city with the massive amounts of crowds, but everyone moves around fine. There clothes look like something from the 80s but more modern and they colors match everything around them. 

36. The tv and couch hang out and talk while we are gone along with all the other stuff in the living room. They would play Clue and would move around the room but always be back in place by the time we get back. They also play with whatever we leave behind in the room like volleyballs and stuff so every night they get to do something different

37. Passage of time

The light outside my window

How many crackers are left on the plate

Which roommate comes through the door

I'm too broke to go shopping so i went shopping at my house and stole food there

Frozen food


healthy food

39. The typical college meal- cereal!

Get all the ingredients and tools- cheerios, milk, bowl, spoon

open bag of cereal and pour some into the bowl

take off the top of the milk and pour as much as you like into the bowl

put spoon in the bowl and eat!

40. On Tuesday and Thursday I alter my appearance a lot
I start off in my workout clothes with my hair down
Then I go to yoga class where I put my hair into a braid
Then I change into jeans and a tshirt during convo and let my hair down
After my class ends I get back into my workout clothes to go kickboxing
Then I come back and take a shower and change into my jeans and tshirt again
And I go to my final class while I let my hair air dry


Lion King Water bottle


Magnets on fridge


power box

Graffiti in Venice beach

42. I interviewed my staff at the Center for Service and Action about the office (they took this more figurative than literal)
- "Its a place that anyone can come and find their calling in life"
- "CSA is where I come to get free candy!"
-"I love this office! Most of the time I'm getting paid to hang out with everyone. I do work but the couches are so comfy that they make you want to talk with people"
- "This office has given me the chance to participate in service projects that I didn't know before basically. Like go to Costa Rica!" (she thought I was a little odd for asking)
- "Wait, you mean how it actually looks? It looks like a typical office with six computers for the student staff and separate rooms for the adult staff, there is a copy room that doubles as a break room, and there are couches and a long table where people can sit and talk to each other. But it really is more than that."


I know some of it is from Disneyland but most of it i Just found on my floor

44. Library!

We are all leaders on Alternative Break trips so we took photos with books that match our issues. (extra points for the fanny pack!)

Heart beats
80 per minute
4800 per hour
115,200 per day
42,048,000 per year
883,008,000 so far

46. patterns at CSA


another couch


cubicle divider

desk top


stripes in the corner

47. Stains

grossest one at CSa

48. compositions

post grad papers

Map of the world

books on desk

picture frame



There was a food drive and tshirt sale going on for Hunger Awareness month so some of the people in the office we're trying to coordinate the event today. They were trying to find a way to get all the shirts downstairs as well as get some of their can goods over to where the table was going to be set. Apparently *Danny had met a nice man with a truck who worked at LMU and asked if he could transport some of the stuff for him and Carlos agreed. So Danny was rushing to get back downstairs before Carlos drove off to his next job since he was almost done cutting the palm tree branches. They continued planning what to do next for a good five minutes but it was basically the same conversation all over again.

Grease burning from the Lair
terryaki from someone's reheated food at work
sweat from a student that came in for a meeting after working out
Country apple from my lotion
fresh cut grass from omalley lawn
the smell of wisk detergent from my laundry


Exercise 52

Water from the sink, the fountain in front of foley, and my arrowhead water

My roommates thought that the jar was just dirty so they put dish washing soap n it and that's why its blue on the bottom. But it still had dirt floating around

exercise 53 Different Writing Utensils

Exercise 54

Trees in my apartment quad

This is what I put together with all the pieces of the trees that fell off.

Explore 55

I took the everyday object of my shoes! I wore a hole in my other pair of rainbows so I figured in its honor I would document my new pair.

Foot print

the tag and stitching

from this angle there seems to be so much more space between the strap and shoe

the view my show looks at every day


When heading back from a book signing for one of our professors I was looking at all the stores on Melrose and saw tucked away behind a Columbian restaurant a small theatre that looked really cool. I was currently looking for a theatre for my film so I decided to go back and really look around and it is now my location for my film!


I decided to go all philosophical after my retreat

What if I never chose LMU where would I be?

What if I never got into the film school?

Who would be my closest friends?

What would my major be?

Would I have a better chance of having a job?

But would it have been as fun?

What if I choose someone else for the lead in my film?

What if I decide to go to grad school?

What could have been the one decision in my life that changed everything else?

Would I have chosen differently?


I played this game with my roommate to see who had to buy fro yo for the other that night. Rule was we had to find stuff on each other's side of the room. She called it a tie, but I'm pretty sure I won.

Something to tie on a pencil (ribbon)

Something disney (easiest one)

Something that grosses you out (the ruler- but I hate bugs!)

Something that can take you anywhere (keys- but her answer of a DVD was a little more clever)

Somewhere we've been together (Panera)

Something that is useless (SPF 8 sunscreen)

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